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2018/11/07 update Scuba Diving Log  Snorkeling Log (Japanese)
2018/08/30 update Boat Fishing Log (Japanese)
2018/03/19 update Whale Watching Log (Japanese)
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HISAO's Diary (Jpanese) ended
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Zamami Village Office web site (Japanese)
Zamami Tourist Information
 [the official English travel guid to Zamami Village,Okinawa]
Mt. Takatsuki, live camera (Zamami island)
Zamami island aerial photography animation (You Tube)
Zamami Whale Watching Association (You Tube)
2018/03/24 Music festival of a Whale  Poster

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Address 415-6, Aza Zamami Nishihara, Zamami-son,
     Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa 901-3402, Japan
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A part of Kerama sea area was registered in Ramsar Convention in November , 2005 .
Ministry of the Environment (Japan) → Ramsar Convention on Wetlands Kerama Islands sea area (pdf 870KB)
The Ramsar Convention on Wetlands [E] The Criteria for Identifying Wetlands of International Importance [E]

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