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Humpback whale

It's Whale Watching in the sea of Zamami, Kerama Islands, Okinawa !!

Season of Whale Watching    From the middle of January to the end of March
Humpback whales return for breeding and child care in Zamami sea area from December to April.
Visitors can enjoy an action having the force that Humpback whales perform.          Photo Gallery [E]
Size of a Humpback whale is about 15 meters in length, and about 30t in weight.
In 1991, Zamami Whale Watching Association started.
Whale Watching is executed based on the self-imposed rules made in the Zamami Whale Watching Association.

2008 Humpback whales ( January February ) 2008 Humpback whales ( March April )
(When the triangle of the gray in the upper right of each photograph is clicked, the sharp photograph is displayed. )

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3 minutes (2.77MB)

3 minutes (2.79MB)

2 minutes (1.93MB)
The song of the Humpback whales.
It publishes only for the first nine minutes of a long song.

Hisao Miyahira Hisao Miyahira [Captain of the boat “Ellisella”]
Humpback Whales have once disappeared from Zamami sea area after the whaling period, but they started to come back again around 1985.
I'm one of the few members who have been watching and researching the whales for the last 33 years.

The Whale Watching boat departs from a port when the situation of the weather and the sea is good.
Please embark after it acknowledges it can not necessarily do watching by 100%.
【 Whale Watching boat tour fee 】 Consumption tax is not included in the price
\5,000  ( adult )
\2,500  ( schoolchild of six years or more )
   In one Whale Watching time, it is two hours.
【 Whale Watching schedule 】
09:00〜09:50  Queen Zamami  from Tomari Port North Pier to Zamami Port terminal
09:50〜10:30  The staff waits in a Zamami Port terminal.
 Whale Watching embarkation list entry.
10:30〜13:00  Whale Watching boat tour time
13:00〜16:20  Free time
16:20〜17:10  Queen Zamami  from Zamami Port terminal to Tomari Port North Pier
【 A reservation method of Whale Watching boat 】
  1 You contact a shop doing Whale Watching directly and make reservations.
  2 You ask Zamami Whale Watching Association for arrangement of a boat.
      If there is a boat desired or a shop desired, please tell at the time of a reservation.
     Whale Watching by ferry Zamami does a receptionist in an association.
【 Whale Watching in Zamami village 】
 It is not a translation that it can meet the Humpback whale in a wide sea because it departed from a port.
  The whale watching of the Zamami village starts from the whale observatory on the north side of the
    Zamami island.
  It looks for the blow of the Humpback whale that surfaces to the surface of the sea with binoculars.
  When the blow is found, the whale watching boat is induced by using the wireless for the place.
【 Attention 】
 Because as for the sea of the winter the day when the wave is rough it is many, the one which is weak
    in the vehicle please becomes drunk and drinks the setting agent ahead of time.
 As for the skirt and the high-heeled shoe avoiding if possible, please embark with the dress which is
    easyto move.
  The sea to be a wind, because it is cold, please embark with the dress which can produce the windbreak
    and protection against the cold.
    (The windbreaker or the raincoat is effective. )
【 Whale Watching sea area Map 】
Whale Watching sea area Map

【 self-imposed rules for Whale Watching 】
(Zamami Whale Watching Association) [E]
self-imposed rules for Whale Watching